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Do you take Glytactin Ready-To-Drink or Powdered PKU formulas? Join the Cambrooke family and sign up to the Cambrooke Care Club!

Members receive:

  • Welcome to Cambrooke Pack
  • New Recipe Books
  • PKU Learning Resources and Information
  • Cambrooke Shaker Bottles and More

    Cambrooke Care ClubCambrooke Care Kids Club

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    Terms and Conditions

    • To sign up to the Cambrooke Care Club, you must have PKU (Phenylketonuria) and/or are signing up on behalf of a child with PKU.
    • One Welcome to Cambrooke Pack to be sent per individual. The individual must have PKU and be using Glytactin to receive the welcome pack.
    • Cambrooke will periodically request that you re-confirm you are using Glytactin as your PKU formula, in order to continue to send you Glytactin recipe books, shaker bottles and more.
    • If you wish to leave the Cambrooke Care Club, simply email