Terms and Conditions

    1. Data is collected and stored in accordance with GDPR procedures. By submitting your personal information as part of our survey form, you are consenting to Cambrooke UK contacting you in relation to this survey. Your contact details will not be used for any purpose other than to provide you with further information about this survey and will be deleted after a reasonable time.
    2. 25 entrants will be eligible to participate. Upon successful completion of the telephone questionnaire, vouchers will be sent to entrants via email within 30 days. Any entrant that is not selected to take part in the survey, will not be eligible to receive a voucher or any compensation. Any entrant that has been selected that does not go on to arrange a suitable time for the telephone survey will not be eligible to receive a voucher until successful completion of the survey.
    3. Cambrooke UK will not be liable for the Amazon Voucher and will not replace any lost, expired or stolen vouchers. The voucher cannot be substituted or exchanged for cash.
    4. Cambrooke UK and the participants are required to keep the contents of the discussion (personal or otherwise) confidential.