Spicy Sausage and Tomato Pasta Arrabbiata by Annie Skidmore

For x1 portion


  • 120g low protein penne pasta
  • 100g spicy tomato pasta sauce
  • Slice of aubergine
  • 1/5 courgette
  • 2 mushrooms
  • 25g peas (1 exchange)
  • 60g broccoli (1 exchange)
  • 20g green/red pepper
  • x1 low protein sausage or vegan beetroot sausage (1.5 exchanges – We used Aldi “The Deli” Cauliflower Masala Sausages)
  • Topped w/ sprinkle of vegan cheese
  • 1 tsp olive oil


  • Boil pasta in a pan for 10 mins.
  • After 3 mins add peas and broccoli and boil.
  • Fry chopped veg and sausage in oil for 5 mins until cooked.
  • Drain pasta and add to the frying pan along with tomato sauce.
  • Stir and once the sauce is fully heated serve into a bowl.
  • Sprinkle with cheese & ENJOY!

Nutritional information (1 serving):

  • Calories: 278 (not including low protein pasta – please check pasta label for calorie content as kcals vary).
  • Exchanges: 3.5 (check the exchanges in your low protein pasta and sausages. If you are unsure, always check with your health care professional).

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